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Contains five lines; the first with just one extant character, while the last seems complete. Any number of lines above the present first line may have been lost, as well as a device above the inscription. Given its similarity to other Gupta seals from Nālandā, the original may have held 8 lines. The text is in relief.

Four lines of writing are preserved at the bottom of the seal. Campus size estimated from photo.

Dimensions estimated from plate size. 14 lines, with roughly the second half of each lost.

Campus dimensions estimated from plate size. 12 lines on recto, 13 on verso; letter height is smaller on the verso, leaving an empty margin at the bottom. The writing extends almost to the edges of the plate at all other margins. A hole caused accidentally during the plate's recovery has damaged some letters of the penultimate three lines on the recto and the first three lines on the verso; there is also some damage to the left-hand margin (recto view).

21 lines of text with some damage due to chipping and a break at the top of the slab. Campus dimensions from #Mirashi_1984, while the stone's dimensions are from #Ramesh_Tewari_1983; one or both may be erroneous since the horizontal margins seem much smaller in the rubbings than the difference in the two widths. Character size is my guess based on the number of lines and the character size of related inscriptions.

The inscription is on the outer side of the rail.

Eleven lines, well preserved.

The inscription is on the pedestal. Dimensions and letter size is from Bhandarkar_1981, but note that 3 lines in letters 3.8 cm in height cannot possibly fit in an area 7 cm tall. Probably the letters are 1/2 rather than 1 1/2 inch high.