The South Asia Inscriptions Database
Records: 215
25 lines in a very good state of preservation except for some characters obscured by an incrustation of lime and a few characters lost due to chipping at the ends of lines 1-3 and in a few other places.
A single line on the lion capital (exact location not reported) of the secondary pillar of Yaśodharman. Size not reported.
The inscription (9 lines) occupies five faces of the 16-sided section of the column, with the bottom of the inscription 66 cm above the top of the base.
9 lines of inscription across five faces of the 16-sided section of the pillar. The first part, approximately three quarters, of each line is lost. The surviving portion is, however, in some respects better preserved than %I-0094. Dimensions are for the extant portion.
Writing probably covers the entire surface of both fragments.
The inscription is on the pedestal, one line along the top edge, another along the bottom edge. The height given here is for the two lines combined; the top line is about 2 cm tall, the bottom is 2.5 cm tall.
Engraved on the pedestal of the image. No size data in Bhandarkar. The beginning of each line and the whole of the third line is lost.
The inscription is on the pedestal of the image.
The inscription is on the five dressed faces of the central section of the pilaster, readable in horizontal lines across faces (with 3-4 akṣaras on each face) rather than as separate columns. The third of the five faces is badly abraded. Bhandarkar (1981:234-235) theorises that the pilaster was already built in (perhaps into the shrine mentioned in the inscription) when the text was incised, and…