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Aphsad Stone of Adityasena

A flat slab; thickness not reported. The inscription covers almost the entire front, except for a slightly raised rim 2-2.5 cm wide on all sides. The bottom left corner is broken off and lost.

Object URI
90cm width x 50cm height.
History details
Discovered by Markham Kittoe sometime before 1850 in Aphsaḍ (or Aphsaṇḍ, also called Jāfarpur, possibly 25.067796, 85.671393, said to be near the right bank of the Sakarī river about 24 km northeast of Nawādā in Gaya District). He apparently produced a Devanagari transcript and a eubbing of the inscription and removed the stone from its findspot with the intention to study and restore it, then install it on a pedestal near the Varāha image in Aphsad. Cunningham could not find the stone in 1860-61, but Kittoe's rubbing was found by Beglar in a box in the Bengal Asiatic Society's library, sometime before 1882. The stone was probably one of the items transferred to the British Museum in 1880.
Event Type
British Museum
Event Place Uncertain
Event Place Qualifier
item number 1880.144