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Mandasor Stone Fragment of Kumaravarman

A fragment of a stone slab, broken at a slant on the left-hand side, with the top wider and the bottom narrower. Object dimensions as reported by #Sircar_1984b.

Object URI
54.5cm width x 42cm height x11.5cm depth
History details
Found in 1978 while digging the foundation for a building in the Gudri Mohalla district near the southern gate of the fort at Mandasor (24.060625, 75.078143). The exact location of this building is not traced; #Mirashi_1982-83:70 says the discovery took place in 1979, and the building belonged to the Weavers' Society. The are reference is from #Sircar_1984b, who also says the stone was afterward kept at the house of Girija Shankar Runwal (रूणवाल) in Mandasor. Estampages were made by K. V. Ramesh in 1981, and photos were taken by Kailash Chandra Pandey in 1982.
Event Type
In the collection of Girija Shankar Runwal of Mandasor
Event Place Uncertain
place uncertain