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Choti Sadri Stone of Gauri

A stone slab. No further details reported. The surface must exceed 45 by 29 centimetres, the dimensions of the inscription.

Object URI
>45cm width x >29cm height.
History details
The inscription was discovered, presumably shortly before 1930, built into a niche above a ventilator in the left wall outside the sanctum of the Bhramaramātā (Bhāwarmātā) temple (24.35058, 74.69287), 3.6 km south of the village of Choṭī Sādṛī near Neemuch. The temple is a modern structure believed to be built on the ruins of an old shrine. An estampage was procured by the Rājputānā Museum of Ajmer in 1929-30. The stone itself was acquired in 1952-53 for the Victoria Hall Museum of Udaipur by Pandit A. K. Vyas, who rediscovered the stone in its previous location. There it was cleaned of oil residues and a clear estampage was made.
Event Type
Government Museum, Udaipur
Event Place Uncertain
place uncertain