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Ganj Slab of Vyaghradeva

A slab of stone. No details reported.

Object URI
>63cm width x >30cm depth
Notes and provenance
The Ganj stone inscription was located in 1919 by Rakhaladas Banerji. The inscription is inscribed on a loose slab lying close to the ruins of a structure which could possibly be a dam at the village of Ganj (Shastri, p. 55). The inscription is identical to the one found earlier at Nachnā-kī-talāi. The inscription records the meritorious action of Vyāghradeva who is described in the inscription as meditating upon the feet of Pṛthivīṣeṇa. (Shastri, p. 55) It is not been definitively proven whether the inscriptions refer to Pṛthivīṣeṇa I or Pṛthivīṣeṇa II. It is assumed that Vyāghradeva was a feudatory or officer under the Pṛthivīṣeṇa mentioned in the inscription.
History details
Discovered by R. D. Banerji on an inspection tour in 1919. Found lying in the bed of a dry watercourse below a hill named Maluhā-ṭoṅgi near Ganj (24.401101, 80.447975), not far from the findspot of %OB00185. Banerji first thought he had rediscovered %OB00185. There is a ruined stone structure nearby that may have been a dam on which this slab was originally placed.
Event Type
in situ
Event Place Uncertain