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Thalner Plates of Harisena

A set of three plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner side, the second on both faces. They probably have no raised rims. The hole for the connecting ring is probably on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally very near the edge. (Mirashi reports nothing about the hole and it is not visible in the rubbings, so its location is a guess based on an uninscribed area at the left edges. It seems that the rubbings do not cover the entire surface of the plates.) The plates are linked by a ring, but there is no seal attached. The plates with the ring weigh 780 grams.

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15.2cm width x 8.3cm height. Weight 780 grams.
Notes and provenance
The Thālner copper plates, which consist of three inscribed copper plates with a ring, were acquired from a resident of Thālner by a blacksmith from Dhule (Shastri, p. 111). The plates date to the third year of Hariṣeṇa’s reign and are the only known official charter of the king, who was the last ruler of the Vatsagulma branch of the Vākāṭakas. The plates record the donation of two villages and some land to a group of Brāhmaṇas who were students of Sāmaveda.
History details
Acquired by a copper merchant of Dhuḷe, probably in the 1970s, from a resident of Thāḷner (21.25786,74.955597). The circumstances of discovery are not known. Mirashi (or rather, Bhat) identifies several localities mentioned in the grant in Dhuḷe district and believes the plates were engraved in and issued from Thāḷner, ancient Sthālakanagara.
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Event Place Uncertain