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Pauni Plates of Pravarasena II

A set of four plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner side, the others on both faces. They have no raised rims. The hole (1 cm in diameter) for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally at an estimated 3.5 cm from the edge. The plates were linked by a ring, on which a seal was also hung by means of a thin band of copper (about 2 cm in diameter), bolted to the back of the seal. The ring was extant when the plates were found, but was cut to separate the plates and is now lost. The seal (with the band presumably attached) is extant.

Object URI
16cm width x 8.7-9cm height. Weight 260 grams (approximate).
Notes and provenance
The set of four copper plates was discovered by Shri Ramchandra Narayan Wakadiker whilst digging in the ramparts of Paunī. (Kolte, V. B., ‘Pauni plates of Pravarasena II’, Epigraphia Indica, vol XXXVIII, part II, April 1969, pp. 53-57). The charter was issued from Pravarapura and records the donation of land measuring 50 nivarttanas by royal measure to Duggāryya, a student of the Ṛigveda and part of the Aupamanyava gotra. According to the inscription the land is located in the ‘holy place of Achalapuka’ and was given in exchange for another plot of land. The grant was issued in the 32nd year of Pravarasena II’s reign and provides the last date for the rule of Pravarasena II - showing that he ruled at least 32 years. (Kolte, 1969, p. 54).
History details
Discovered in Paunī (20.7876916,79.6339487) in Bhaṇḍārā district, Maharashtra by a resident while digging in 1967. Studied in the original by V. B. Kolte. Possibly in the custody of the Director of Archives, Government of Maharashtra, Bombay.
Event Type
Director of Archives, Government of Maharashtra, Bombay
Event Place Uncertain
place uncertain