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Yavatmal Final Plate of Pravarasena II

A single plate inscribed only on the recto, the last of a set. It probably has no raised rims (this is not reported explicitly). The hole for the binding ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally at an estimated 5.2 centimetres from the edge.

Object URI
16cm width x 8.7-9cm height. Weight 260 grams (approximate).
Notes and provenance
Two copper plates of this charter were rescued from a coppersmith’s melting pot in Yavatmāl by R. M. Saklecha. Saklecha acquired them for Prashant P. Kulkarni. According to Shastri, when compared to other Vākāṭaka inscriptions it is possible to argue that the plates recovered represent the second and last plates of a charter. (Shastri, p. 95) The charter is dated to the 26th year of Pravarasena II reign and records the renewal of a donation of an area of land and two house sites in the village of Lāṭakapallī to Indrārya and Svāmideva. That this charter records a renewal of a previously granted donation makes the Yavatmāl copper plates very unusual in the corpus of known Vākāṭaka inscriptions. The inscription was written by Bāppadeva, who is also mentioned in the Siwanī and Waḍgāon Vākāṭaka inscriptions. (Shastri, pp. 95-96).
History details
Found in Yavatmāl (20.388239,78.127731), Yavatmāl district, Maharashtra along with %OB00174. The plates were "rescued ... from a copper-smith ... just when they were about to go to the melting pot" (#Shastri_Gupta_1983b:78), so presumably they were originally found somewhere in the vicinity of Yavatmāl by locals. #Shastri_Gupta_1983b:78 seem to imply that the plates were found as a full set including the ring and seal, but this is uncertain. They also seem to take it for granted that the two extant plates belong to the same set, but this is also uncertain. The two plates are reported as being the same size, but on their facsimiles the binding hole seems to be positioned quite differently. For the sake of caution I record them as independent objects.
Event Type
With Prashant P. Kulkarni of the Coin Society of Nagpur
Event Place Uncertain