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Mandhal Plates of Pravarasena II, Year 16 (plate 3)

A plate inscribed on both sides. It has no raised rims. The hole for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally about 4.8 cm from the edge.

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17.2cm width x 8.5cm height. Weight 1500 grams.
Notes and provenance
This charter, issued in the 19th year of Pravarasena II reign, records the donation of a piece of land in the north west of Matsakadraha village in honour of 19 Brāhmaṇas who are named in the inscription. The set of five plates were discovered in a field at Māsod whilst it was being ploughed in the 1950’s (?). The location of the village is not certain although Geolysis records the village as being located here ( - assuming that the village marker overlay had slipped upwards (typically the case). Another website (, also lists this as Māsod village and fits with the description of the village being ‘under the Mauja Kamathi and Kondhali Police stations in the Katol taluka of the Nagpur District’ as cited by Shastri (p. 90). The plates are now part of the collection of the Central Museum, Nagpur. Further details of the charter can also be found in Journal of the Epigrahical Society of India, vol 10, 1983, pp. 108-116.
Event Place Uncertain