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Verandah of Ajanta Cave 17

The inscription is on a side wall outside the verandah of the cave. A ground plan of the cave (not showing the placement of the inscription) drawn by Robert Gill is available at

Object URI
21cm width x 11.5cm height.
Notes and provenance
This stone inscription, inscribed on the side wall of the outside veranda of cave 17, is much damaged by exposure, which according to Shastri, has lead the correct decipherment of the inscription to be very problematic. (p. 46). The inscription starts with a dedication to the Buddha, unusual as many of the Vākāṭaka period inscriptions and charters are dedicated to Hindu gods. The inscription was carved to record the creation of Buddhist stupas and institutions by a ruler called Dharādhipa and with the wish for the longevity of these structures. The inscription was carved under the name of Ravisāmba, a vassal of the Vākāṭaka king Hariṣeṇa. The inscription also includes a genealogy for Dharādhipa and Ravisāmba. (Shastri, p. 46-49)
History details
Discovered in Cave 17 at Ajaṇṭā (20.553406, 75.699669).
Event Type
in situ
Event Place Uncertain