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Verandah of Ajanta Cave 16

The inscription is on the left wall at the extreme end outside the verandah in Cave 16. It is badly damaged by water. A ground plan of the cave (not showing the placement of the inscription) drawn by James Burgess is available at

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Notes and provenance
This stone inscription, in cave 16 at Ajaṇṭā, was first published in 1862 by Dr. Bhau Daji (Mirashi, p. 103). As with the other stone inscription in cave 17 at Ajaṇṭā, this inscription has been damaged by exposure to weather. The inscription was written for Varāhadeva, a minister of the Vākāṭaka king, Hariṣeṇa. The inscription records the excavation and decoration of cave dwelling, which both Mirashi (p. 104) and Shastri, (p.42) believe refers to the creation of cave 16 itself, where the inscription is found at Ajaṇṭā. The donation was made to an order of Buddhist monks. (Shastri, p. 41-44).
History details
Discovered in Cave 16 at Ajaṇṭā (20.553506, 75.699939).
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in situ
Event Place Uncertain