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Balaghat Unfinished Plates of Prthivisena II (plate 3)

A plate inscribed only on the recto. Its surface is flat, without raised rims. The hole for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally 3.2 cm from the edge. The dimensions of the plates in the set vary slightly, but are not reported individually, only as a range. This plate is a reasonably straight rectangle, not as bowtie-shaped as plates 1 and 2, though the bottom side is slightly concave.

Object URI
15.5cm width x 8.6cm height.
Notes and provenance
The charter records the donation of the village Ākāsapadda to fourteen Brāhmaṇas by Vindhyaśakti II. The charter records the names of the Brāmaṇas and the share of the village which they were given. (Shastri,p. 38). According to Shastri the charter is important in that it proves that Pravarasena I, who ruled as part of the undivided family, had at least four sons who all became kings, which until the discovery of this charter had not been satisfactorily proven. (Shastri, p. 39)
Event Place Uncertain