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Tigaon Plates of Pravarasena II

A set of five plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner side, the others on both faces. Neither rims nor their lack has been reported. The hole (1.3 cm in diameter) for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally about a quarter of the length from the edge. The connecting ring and seal were not found. #Mirashi_1963:63 and #Shastri_1997:34-35 both consider the third plate spurious (substituted for a lost original third plate). Neither's arguments are conclusive.

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19cm width x 9.4cm height. Weight 2274 grams.
Notes and provenance
There are five copper plates which record the donation of 2000 nivartanas of land by royal measure in the village of Dhuvavāṭaka (Dhruvavāṭaka) to a number of Brāhmaṇas. An additional 26 nivartanas in two other villages is recorded in the third plate as being specifically donated to the Brāhmaṇa Somārya. Both Mirashi, (p. 64) and Shastri (p. 34-35) argue that this third plate is actually a forgery, inserted into the charter at a later date to benefit Somārya. The first part of the donation, of the 2000 nivartanas was issued in exchange for the earlier donation by Pṛthivīṣeṇa I of the village of Vijayavallī-vāṭaka. The charter was issued in the 29th year of Pravarasena II reign and was issued from the temple of Pravareśvara. (Shastri, pp.32-33).
History details
Discovered in 1942 while demolishing an old house in Ṭīgāon (21.644304,78.453842) in Chhindwara district, MP. Brought to Mirashi's notice in 1957, who received only estampages.
Event Type
With M. G. Karnik, Deputy Commissioner of Chhindwara
Event Place Uncertain