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Tirodi Plates of Pravarasena II

A set of four plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner side, the others on both faces. Their surface is flat, without raised rims. The hole (1 cm in diameter) for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally 5.3 cm from the edge. The plates were linked by a ring, on which the seal was also hung by a copper band attached to the back of the seal. At the time they were studied, the rivet holding together the ends of the ring and the rivet attaching the seal to the band were lost, and all the elements were loose.

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6.9cm width x 6.9cm height. Weight 115 grams (approximate).
Notes and provenance
The copper plates date to year 23 of Pravarasena II and record the donation to Varuṇārya, a resident of Chāndrapura, of the village Kosambakhaṇḍa in order to gain religious merit for both Pravarasena II and his mother Prabhāvatī Guptā. According to Mirashi the charter was written following the direct order of Pravarasena II. (Mirashi, pp. 48 – 52)
History details
Found some years before 1934 in the manganese mine of Tiroḍi (21.680262,79.724991) and acquired by T. A. Wellsted, manager of the mine. They were studied in the original by Mirashi. Sent to Nāgpur Museum before 1934, where they were cleaned of corrosion.
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Central Museum, Nagpur
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