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Riddhapur Plates of Prabhavatigupta (plate 3)

A thick plate inscribed on both sides. Its surface is flat, without raised rims. The hole (1 cm in diameter) for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally at about a quarter of the width of the plates.

Object URI
17.8cm width x 9.5cm height.
Notes and provenance
The charter records the donation of the village of Viśākhārya-vāṭaka located to the north of Āramāka, to Viśākhārya’s son Goṇḍārya and his sons Manorathārya, Govārya, Devārya, Bāppārya, Kumārārya and Droṇārya who lived in the village of Āramāka (Shastri, p. 24). The donation was granted by Pravarasena II and the Merchant Chandra in the 23rd year of Pravarasena II reign. According the Shastri the charter is interesting for a number of reasons – first there are numerous mistakes in the engraving and secondly because it appears that the charter is merely formalising an earlier grant, perhaps to Viśākhārya and confirming the donation to his son and grandsons.
Event Place Uncertain