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Siwani Plates of Pravarasena II (plate 3)

A thin plate inscribed on both sides. Its surface is flat, without raised rims. The hole for the connecting ring is on the left-hand side, vertically at the centre, and horizontally at about a quarter of the width of the plate. 

Object URI
14.6cm width x 9.5cm height x1.2cm depth. Weight 1341 grams.
Notes and provenance
The charter records the donation of a field ‘only for enjoyment’, a farm house and four residences of ploughmen in the administrative division of Kośika. (Shastri, p. 21) The donation was made to the Brāhmaṇas of the Taittirīya śākhā of the Black Yajurveda and Parāśara gotra by Prabhāvatī Guptā in the 19th year of Pravarasena II’s reign. The charter includes reference to Prabhāvatī Guptā’s Gupta lineage alongside that of her Vākāṭaka heritage. The charter also includes a reference to Prabhāvatī Guptā’s two sons, both of whom were rulers Dāmodarasena and Pravarasena II. (Shastri, p. 22-23)
Event Place Uncertain