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Cammak Plates of Pravarasena II (plate 5)

A plate inscribed on both faces. Its surface is flat, without raised rims. There is a hole for the connecting ring at the centre of one of the longer sides (top of recto and bottom of verso).

Object URI
20.8cm width x 11.4cm height. Weight 1630 grams.
Notes and provenance
The charter records the donation of the village Brahmapūraka, with the surrounding locations mentioned in the charter supporting Shastri’s belief (actually Mirashi's) that the charter was originally from the Gondiā region of the Bhandara district. The plate is referred to as the Siwanī (Seoni) plate as this is the main town in the district, and as the original location of the inscription is not known. (Shastri, pp. 19-20)
Event Place Uncertain