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Cammak Plates of Pravarasena II

A set of seven plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner sides; the others on both faces. Their surface is flat, without raised rims. The size of the plates differs slightly, but no individual figures are reported. The plates have a hole at the centre of one of the longer sides (top of recto and bottom of verso pages), through which they are connected by a ring. The seal is not soldered but hung separately on the ring. 

Object URI
18.7-19cm width x 8.6-8.9cm height.
Notes and provenance
The inscription, incised on seven plates and with an attached seal, records the donation of the village of Charmāṅka by Pravarasena II at the request of Koṇḍarāja. The donation was given to 1,000 Brāhmānas of various sects and schools, and the charter lists 49 of these donees by name. The charter was issued in the 18th year of Pravarasena II reign. (Shastri, p. 16-18)
History details
Discovered around 1868 during the ploughing of a field at the village of Chammak or Chamak (21.206676,77.471909, now a cluster of three villages), about 6.5 km southwest of Achalpur (formerly Ellichpur or Illychpur) in the Amravati District of Maharashtra.
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British Library
Event Place Uncertain
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Oriental Manuscript shelfmark: Ind. Ch. 16