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Jamb Plates of Pravarasena II

A set of four plates, the first and last inscribed only on the inner sides; the second and third on both faces. The plates were connected by a ring, but the ring itself was not closed and no seal was found. The hole for the ring is near the centre of the left-hand edge (relative to the writing on all faces).

Object URI
20cm width x 12cm height. Weight 540 grams (approximate).
Notes and provenance
The charter records the donation by Pravarasena II to a Brahmachārin called Kālakuṭṭa. The charter donates the village of Kothuraka to Kālakuṭṭa. The charter was issued in the 2nd year of Pravarasena II reign. (Shastri, p. 11-13) Mirashi identifies the donated village of Kothuraka with the site on which Māngaon now occupies, 2.5 miles north by west, on the right bank of the Wunna (p. 11) although Shastri states that the village cannot be identified (p. 13).
History details
Discovered in 1940, at which time the plates were in the possession of the Mokasdar of Jāmb (20.616398, 78.931129) in Hiṅgaṇghāṭ Tahsil, Maharashtra. They were taken to Nagpur Museum in the same year and may still be there.
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Nagpur Museum
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