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Gopika Cave on Nagarjuni Hill

The cave is on the southern side of Nāgārjunī Hill, the easternmost member of the group that includes Barābar Hill. Its façade bears a Mauryan inscription (which names the cave Gopikā kubhā) above the doorway, and Anantavarman's inscription (%IN00153) on the left-hand side of the entrance (probably inside the doorway, but this is not clear from Fleet's description).

Object URI
1.8cm width x 1.8cm height x0.6cm depth
History details
Discovered for scholarship about 1785 by J. H. Harrington on Nagarjuni Hill (25.009509, 85.078615), about 500 metres east of the Barābar Caves in Gaya District, Bihar.
Event Type
in situ
Event Place Uncertain