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Kannauj Maukhari Seal Matrix Fragment

Fragment (upper proper right part) of an oval seal matrix, engraved with the emblem and text in mirror image. Of the Maukhari emblem, the hindquarters of the bull and the man behind him remain. The device is separated from the text by a double horizontal line, turning upwards at slightly more than 45° at the surviving end. Thaplyal estimates the size of the original seal at 15 cm high and 13 cm wide. I cannot help wondering if this is in fact an impression of a seal impression rather than an original seal matrix. Would one of those have been made in terracotta?

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History details
Discovered (perhaps in the late 1970s) by an amateur archaeologist and antique collector in the ruins of Kannauj; circumstances not reported. Presented to the Purātattva Saṃgrahālaya of Kannauj. Studied in the original by Thaplyal.
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Archaeological Museum, Kannauj
Event Place Uncertain
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Accession No. KNI/79-92