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Sohnag Clay Seal of Avantivarman

An imperfectly fired clay seal, oval in shape. The inscribed impression is sunk slightly below the surface. The upper part, about one third, shows a bull decorated with a garland and walking to the proper right; there is an umbrella above it. In front of the bull walks a man carrying an axe and a standard with a cakra on top; his face is turned back toward the bull. Behind the bull another man carries a smaller axe and what may be a cāmara or a driver's stick or whip. The device part is very similar, but not identical, to that on the seals of Śarvavarman (%OB00131, %OB00132, %OB00133). Between the emblem and the inscribed lower part there is a single horizontal line, the do not seem to turn upward on the photograph. The reverse is convex, irregular, and "shows a hole in the thickness just below the inscription for attachment, even as seals were attached to land grants" (#Vats_1947-48:63). Could this be a string hole?

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Found in 1945 by a villager digging in a field, in Sohnag (26.260444, 83.910445, Gorakhpur District, UP). Studied in the original by M. S. Vats in 1946.
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