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Mallasarul Plate of the Time of Gopacandra

A single plate without rim.  A circular seal 7 cm in diameter is soldered to the left-hand side. The seal has an effigy of a two-armed deity with a large wheel in the background. The seal legend is damaged. Both the emblem and the legend are in relief on a countersunk surface surrounded by a rim.

Object URI
404-478cm height
History details
Discovered in 1929 while re-excavating an old tank in Mallasārul (23.297075, 87.600555), near Burdwan, West Bengal. Presented to the Vaṅgīya Sāhitya Pariṣad, studied by Haraprasād Śāstri and after his death by N.G. Majumdar.
Event Type
Event Place Uncertain