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Ghagrahati Plate of the Time of Samacaradeva, Year 14

A single plate without rim. The left-hand side has a projection with a hole, to which a seal, now lost, would have been attached.

Object URI
29cm width x 14cm height.
History details
Discovered in or shortly before 1908 in Ghāgrāhāti, close to Piñjurī (near Koṭālīpāḍā, 22.986824, 90.021881) by a farmer. Found in the ground at a depth of 25 cm. Bloch studied the original in 1908; probably so did R. D. Banerji later on, and the plate was exhibited in Lucknow in 1909. The plates were apparently in the possession of H. E. Stapleton (#Banerji_1911:289).
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Event Place Uncertain