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Belora Charter Fragment A1 of Pravarasena II

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24.5 cm width x 12 cm height
southern box-headed
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Basis of dating: approximate reign of Pravarasena II of the Pravarapura/Nandivardhana branch. The date is probably identical or very close to that of %IN00161.
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Paragraph 1 Page 1 verso
line 1driṣṭaM[+|] _ siddhaM[+|] _ svasti nāndivardhanād[+|] agniṣṭomāptoryyāmokthya-ṣoḍaśy-atirātra-vājapeya-bṛhaspati-sava-line 2sādyask[+r]a-catur-vyamedha-yājinaḥ viṣṇuvṛddha-sagotrasya samrāṬ _ vākāṭakānām mahārāja-śrīi-pravara -line 3senasya sūno[+ḥ] sūnoḥ _ atyanta-svāmi-mahā-bhairava-bhaktasya _ aṃsa-bhāra-sanniveśita-śiva-liṅgo -line 4dvahana-śiva-supa_2_rituṣṭa-samutpādita-rājavaṃśānām parākkramādhigata-bhāgīratthy-amala-jala- line 5mūrddhābhiṣiktānān daśāśvamedhāvabhṛtha-snātānām bhāraśivānām mahārāja śriīi-bhavanāga-dauhitrasya line 6gautamī-putrasya putrasya{-|} vākāṭakānām mahārāja-śrī-rudrasenasya sūnor atyanta-māheśvarasya
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First reported and edited in #Mirashi_1937-38. Discussed in #Shastri_1997:13-16.
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<TEI xmlns="" xml:lang="eng-Latn" xml:space="preserve">
<title>Belora Charter Fragment A1 of Pravarasena II</title>
<editor>Dániel Balogh</editor>
<authority>Siddham - The South Asia Inscriptions Database</authority>
<idno type="siddham_inscription_identifier">IN00158</idno>
<msName>Belora Plate A1 of Pravarasena II</msName>
<idno type="siddham_object_identifier">OB00145</idno>
<material>metal / copper alloy</material>
<dimensions unit="cm">
<depth />
<measure type="weight" unit="gram">787</measure>
<p>A single plate belonging to a set of probably three, probably including two of %OB00146, %OB00147 and %OB00148. A hole 1.3 cm in diameter, about 5 cm from the centre of the left-hand edge, served for a ring to bind the plate together with its siblings. The ring and the presumably attached seal are lost. The plate seems to be a palimpsest, with an earlier inscription in the same script beaten flat before incising the present inscription.</p>
<dimensions unit="cm">
<p>Inscribed with 6 lines on one face (presumably the verso) only. Well preserved. Campus and character dimensions are estimates. Traces of a hammered-out earlier inscription (in the same script) can be made out in some places.</p>
<height unit="cm">0.5</height>
<p>southern box-headed</p>
<origPlace />
<origDate />
<p>Brought to Mirashi's attention in 1938, when they were in the possession of a resident of Belorā. (Probably 21.2394124, 78.0760896; there are several other Beloras in the vicinity, but this is the one that best meets Mirashi's statement that the place is in Ārvī tahsil, about 6 miles south by east of Morsi, on the left bank of the Wardha river.) Mirashi apparently studied the plates in the original, after which they may have been returned to the owner. It is not known whether they had been handed down in the owner's family or found recently.</p>
<div type="edition" xml:lang="san-Latn"><p>
<pb n="1verso" />
<lb n="1" />d<sic>ri</sic>ṣṭaM<supplied reason="omitted">|</supplied> <space quantity="1" unit="character" /> siddhaM<supplied reason="omitted">|</supplied> <space quantity="1" unit="character" /> svasti n<sic>ā</sic>ndivardhanād<supplied reason="omitted">|</supplied> agniṣṭomāptoryyāmokthya-ṣoḍaśy-atirātra-vājapeya-bṛhaspati-sava-<lb n="2" />sādyask<supplied reason="omitted">r</supplied>a-catur-aś<choice><sic>y</sic><corr>v</corr></choice>amedha-yājinaḥ viṣṇuvṛddha-sagotrasya samrāṬ <space quantity="1" unit="character" /> vākāṭakānām mahārāja-śr<choice><sic>i</sic><corr>ī</corr></choice>-pravara
<lb break="no" n="3" />senasya sūno<supplied reason="omitted">ḥ</supplied> sūnoḥ <space quantity="1" unit="character" /> atyanta-svāmi-mahā-bhairava-bhaktasya <space quantity="1" unit="character" /> aṃsa-bhāra-sanniveśita-śiva-liṅgo
<lb break="no" n="4" />dvahana-śiva-supa<space quantity="2" type="hole" unit="character" />rituṣṭa-samutpādita-rājavaṃśānām parākkramādhigata-bhāgīratthy-amala-jala-
<lb n="5" />mūrddhābhiṣiktānān daśāśvamedhāvabhṛtha-snātānām bhāraśivānām mahārāja śri<choice><sic>i</sic><corr>ī</corr></choice>-bhavanāga-dauhitrasya
<lb n="6" />gautamī-putrasya putrasya<surplus>|</surplus> vākāṭakānām mahārāja-śrī-rudrasenasya sūnor atyanta-māheśvarasya