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Mangraon Stone Tablet

A stone tablet, thickness not reported. The stone was reduced to its present side by chipping off the edges not long before 1940, to make the object more portable. The chipping has not damaged the inscription. Its original size is not recorded. #Altekar_1941-42 gives its height as 11 inches, which is probably wrong on the basis of the rubbing;  #Banerjee_1944 says the height is 9 inches. (It is not impossible that the stone was chipped down further after the time Altekar saw it, but this does not seem likely.)

Object URI
33cm width x 23cm height.
History details
The stone was probably discovered around 1890 to 1910 ("several decades" before 1940, #Altekar_1941-42:241). It was found in the ground during the excavation of a well in Mangraon village (25.093587, 84.393982) of Shahabad district, Bihar. A clay impression of it reached Altekar in 1940 (brought by the son of the local zamindar studying at BHU). Altekar then made an inked rubbing. The object was acquired by S. V. Sohoni for the Patna Museum in 1942.
Event Type
Patna Museum
Event Place Uncertain