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Mandar Hill Rock 1 of Adityasena

The inscription is probably on a natural boulder or rock face. It was located by Beglar (as reported by Fleet), and is on the right-hand side of the base of a flight of steps leading from the Pāpaharaṇī tank (24.832346, 87.035822) at the bottom of the hill to the hilltop tank. Hamilton says this inscription is higher up than the one on %OB00196. It is possible that the inscription Beglar found is a third specimen, not identical to either of those reported by Hamilton. Hamilton further says that "at some little distance" from this inscription there is "said to be a very rude outline of the human face, which the people call Madhu Kaitabh."

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Discovered sometime before 1838 by Francis Buchanan Hamilton on Mandar Hill (Mandāragiri or Mandārācal Parvat, 24.837052, 87.034899), about 12 km ESE of Banka in Bhagalpur District, modern Bihar.
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in situ
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