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Shahpur Surya Image of Adityasena

A standing image of Sūrya, holding a lotus in each hand, flanked by two smaller figures (Daṇḍa and Piṅgala?), one of whom holds a club. The inscription is on the pedestal, with the first line inscribed on the lotus petals and the rest on the plinth.

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86 cm height
History details
The image was found in 1979-80 by Cunningham and/or Beglar in Shahpur (probably 25.093731, 85.672187), about 15 km southeast of Bihar Sharif. Fleet's agents could not find the image or obtain information about it in 1884. Its only facsimile in existence is the one published in #ASIR_15 (Plate 11), probably a pencil rubbing.
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Event Place Uncertain