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Verandah of Ghatotkaca Cave at Gulwada

The inscription is on a recessed surface on the back wall of the verandah of the cave, at the northern end (to the left of the door). The cave is described in #Fergusson_Burgess_1880:346-347.

Object URI
21cm width x 11.5cm height.
Notes and provenance
This stone inscription is carved onto the back wall of the veranda of the Ghaṭokaca cave at Gulwāḍā, which is a Buddhist site. The inscription, like those found at Ajaṇṭā, has been damaged by the weather, originally being 22 lines long, but now the last four lines are almost completely worn away. (Mirashi, p. 112) According to Shastri, the inscription was incised to record the excavation of the cave in which it is recorded and its donation to a Buddhist saṅgha, although the damage to the inscription over time has led to the details of the donation remaining unknown. The beginning of the inscription includes praise of the Buddha and a family history of Varāhadevā , a minister of the Vākāṭaka king, Hariṣeṇa. (Shastri, p. 44-45)
History details
Discovered in Ghaṭotkaca Cave (20.552604, 75.584860), about 27 km to the west of Ajaṇṭā, near the modern village of Janjala.
Event Type
in situ
Event Place Uncertain