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Nalanda Intact Clay Seal of Sarvavarman

An oval seal impression, probably from the same matrix as the Aśīrgaḍh seal (%OB00131). Dimensions not reported. The upper part, about one third, shows a bull decorated with a garland and walking to the proper right; there is an umbrella above it. In front of the bull walks a man carrying an axe and a standard with a cakra on top; his face is turned back toward the bull. Behind the bull another man carries a smaller axe and what may be a cāmara or a driver's stick or whip. Between the emblem and the inscribed lower part there is a double horizontal line, the ends of which turn upward at an angle of about 45°.

Object URI
16.8cm width x 18.5cm height x6.6cm depth
History details
Discovered by Page in Nālandā, before 1928.
Event Type
Event Place Uncertain