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Kotalipada Plate of the Time of Dvadasaditya

A single plate, apparently without a rim. A circular seal is attached to the left side, and a smaller secondary seal is attached to the left of the primary seal (or below the primary seal, as viewed in the orientation of the plate). The dimensions above probably include the seal, for which no separate dimensions are reported; it appears to be about 7 cm in diameter, and the length of the plate without the seal may be 24-25 cm. The main seal bears in relief an effigy of Gajalakṣmī in the upper two thirds (away from the plate), standing on a lotus, flanked by two kneeling women, with small elephants standing on lotus flowers above the attendants. The lower third, separated by a double horizontal line, bears an inscription (also in relief) of two lines. The seal is surrounded by two thin lines and two thicker lines further out. There is additional scrollwork outside the border at the top and the right-hand side of the seal; at the left-hand side there is the secondary seal. This is oval, perhaps 1.5 cm wide and 2 cm tall, surrounded by a thinner and a thicker border line, with scrollwork at the top and on the left. #Furui_2013:90 says it bears an unclear inscription of three characters in two rows. This is difficult to make out; I would be more inclined to see a deity sitting on a lotus, or possibly a figure at the top and two or three characters below it.

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404-478cm height
History details
Discovered in the village of Ramasil-Pirerbadi in the Koṭālīpāḍā upazila of Gopalganj (formerly Faridpur) District of Bangladesh (so probably not far from 22.986824, 90.021881).
Event Type
Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka
Event Place Uncertain
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accession number 80.513