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Faridpur Plate of Dharmaditya, Year 3

A single plate without rim. A badly worn circular seal is attached to a projecting portion of the plate on the left side. The seal is lighter-coloured copper than the plate, 7 cm in diameter, with a rim surrounded by scrollwork projecting on both sides. The seal is in relief on a countersunk surface. The upper two thirds of the seal are occupied by a standing female figure (Lakṣmī?), with at least one kneeling attendant on both sides, and, above and to the sides, two elephants pouring water on her. The lower one third bears the seal inscription.

Object URI
20cm width x 12cm height.
History details
Discovered in 1892 in the Faridpur District of East Bengal and purchased by Hoernle for the Asiatic Society of Bengal, then sent to Kielhorn. Returned to Hoernle after Kielhorn's death in 1908, and finally studied by Pargiter.
Event Type
Event Place Uncertain