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Gunaighar Plate of Vainyagupta

#Bhattacharyya_1930:45 describes the plate as "of good copper" so I have shown it as copper, not as alloy. A single plate, inscribed on both sides, thick and without rim. It weighs 1700 grams with the seal. The surface is damaged in several places by hitting with a hard instrument; there is also corrosion damage. A seal, of a much lighter-coloured copper, is soldered to the (viewer's) left side of the plate. The seal is a slightly pointed oval about 10 cm wide and 12.5 cm tall (oriented 90° counterclockwise to the plate, i.e. the bottom of the seal faces the plate, and the longer diameter is along the longer axis of the plate). The seal is surrounded by a rim about 2 cm broad and separated by a double horizontal line across the middle The top hald bears an emblem of a bull recumbent to the proper right, in relief on a slightly countersunk surface. The bottom hald bears a corroded legend of one line.

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25 cm width x 16 cm height
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Found about 1925 in a tank in Gunāīghar, about 3 km southwest of Debidwar in Tippera District, Bengal (now Bangladesh). Acquired as a loan by antiquarian Baikunthanath Dutt in 1928 and presented to D. C. Bhattacharyya for decipherment. Subsequent history not reported; apparently returned to private hands and not forthcoming.
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